Cascina Lissona is a holiday farm in Piedmont's green countryside, in Località Valgera 57, just 5 km from the centre of Asti, a medieval town full of history. Surrounded by the hills of Monferrato - Unesco World Heritage since 2014 -, Cascina Lissona provides its guests with every kind of comfort.

Cascina Lissona was born to combine the genuine products of our farm with the taste and simplicity of Italian plus Piedmontese culinary tradition and the possibility to taste the Grass Fed meat of our own It Wild cow rearing. Cascina Lissona is the place where food is very natural and very simple, following the idea of a genuine conviviality inspired by maximum quality.

Seven rooms with service in a quiet countryside, where you can rest and enjoy the excellent tourist attractions of Monferrato. We also provide the opportunity to stay in a little apartment with a kitchenette and a small living room. During summertime, the open air swimming pool is available. Cascina Lissona is close to the pedestrian and cycling paths of Valmanera Woods nature reserve.

"Cascina on the road"

Our wine tours give to tourists and wine-lovers the chance to live a day discovering the wonderful places of Piedmontese wines and learning stories directly from the producers. We offer different kind of tours, all tailored to your wishes, to find out under our guide the unique taste and nature of the wines of Monferrato, Langhe and Roero. We also drive you back and forth to the cellars.

"Agri-Cooking - Lessons in the Kitchen"


What is agri-cooking? A neologism, born in our minds by the sum of the words agriculture and cooking. With this term we mean all those recipes based on local products and seasonal ingredients. And this is what we'd like to propose to you: a cooking class led by Cascina Lissona's chef where you'll learn how to prepare the most traditional Piedmontese and Italian dishes. Our chef will teach you the right use of seasonal products depending on the time of year. The cooking class will take place late morning (at 10:30 am) and will last a couple of hours. In the aftermath we'll have a convivial lunch during which we will taste the prepared recipes matched with some local wines.

Agriturismo Cascina Lissona, località Valgera 57 - 14100 Asti Italy.

Telefono: +39 328 3556975

mail: info@agriturismocascinalissona.com

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